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[Web Special]


Caté goods GmbH, Hamburg, Germany


melting elements gmbh, Hamburg, Germany, Ernst GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

Art Direction/Illustration

Christopher Ernst, Ernst GmbH

Digital Concept/User Experience Design

Boris Juhl, melting elements gmbh

Web Development

Till Schweneker, melting elements gmbh

Caté is a soft drink made from the coffee berry. The web special takes users on a journey to the very beginning of the production of this drink. While scrolling down the page, they learn about every production step in reverse – from soft drink to coffee farm. The storytelling conveys the core characteristics of the company – being fair, ecological and sustainable – in a playful manner. The animated drawings feature colours that match the brand’s corporate design and fit perfectly with the whole vibe of this drink.

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Dieses Projekt finden Sie auch im International Yearbook Communication Design 2017/2018.