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Tsubame-Sanjō Factory Festival

[Event Design]


Tsubame-Sanjō Factory Festival Committee, Niigata, Japan


SPREAD, Tokyo, Japan

Art Direction

SPREAD, Tokyo, Japan

Booklet Editing

BACH, Tokyo, Japan

Booklet Printing

Taiyo Printing Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan


Tsubame-Sanjō Regional Industries Promotion Center, Niigata, Japan, Sanjō City, Niigata, Japan, Tsubame City, Niigata, Japan,

Event Direction

method, Tokyo, Japan


Tsubame-Sanjō Factory Festival Committee, Niigata, Japan


Ooki Jingu, Tokyo, Japan, Kazuhiro Kodaira, Tokyo, Japan


Tomoya Kishimoto, Tokyo, Japan

Public Relations

HOW INC, Tokyo, Japan

The Tsubame-Sanjō metalwork region in Japan holds a festival every year. Factories open their doors, make the places come alive and take a stand against the industry’s decline. The event is aesthetically staged with a design concept which runs through all visual communication elements and decorations. Silver and pink stripes renew the original colour combination of iron black and flame red. The design creates fresh accents, gives the setting and merchandising products a modern image, and conveys a spirit of optimism.

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