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Sunshine Fruit

[Food Packaging]


Chungyu Institute of Technology, Keelung City


Nan-Yan He, Ruei-Jin Hu, Po-Pin Wu, Zong-Ying Xie, Chungyu Institute of Technology

Supervising Professor

Hsien-Ju Lin

Sunshine Fruit adopts an unusual way to market pineapple products. The package design is based on a geometrical form and the focus is on two things: the fruit itself and the sun, which is necessary for a good crop. The gift packaging consists of cardboard which encloses the jar with the pineapple product. The outer wrapping itself brings to mind the fruit. The upper part is a reproduction of the leaf crown; the colour scheme is yellow, orange and brown, corresponding to the appearance of a sun-ripened pineapple.

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This project can be found in the
International Yearbook Communication Design 2016/2017.