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He Wine

[Beverage Packaging]


Shenzhen Baixinglong Creative Packaging Co., Ltd., Shenzhen


Shenzhen Baixinglong Creative Packaging Co., Ltd., Shenzhen

The dragon boat festival, a traditional Chinese festival, is celebrated on 5 May in the Chinese lunar calendar each year to memorialise the patriotic poet Qu Yuan, who drowned himself in the Miluo River on that day. In order to target the young generation born after the 1980s and 1990s, this packaging design shows an original hand-drawn illustration of a harmonious memorial scene – riding a fish to celebrate, Qu Yuan is eating rice dumplings and drinking this He Wine. With bright colours, the motif conveys a joyful mood. Moreover, the overall packaging style is contemporary with strong visual impact and distinction.

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This project can be found in the
International Yearbook Communication Design 2016/2017.