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Kartell, Noviglio, Italy


Piero Lissoni, Milan, Italy

Red Dot: Best of the Best

New harmony

As exemplified in the 19th century by Michael Thonet and his back then novel chairs based on a bentwood technique, chairs as pieces of furniture are always an expression of the technical possibilities of their time. The design of Piuma was preceded by research into a unique injection moulding process as this chair, designed by Piero Lissoni, is made of a complex thermoplastic polymer compounded with carbon. This innovative material is marked by a very high mechanical rigidity and yet possesses an extreme lightness. Thanks to these qualities it offers many possibilities in the design and shaping of furniture. Piuma has thus emerged with a reduced material thickness of a maximum of just 2 mm and a weight of only 2.4 kg. Beholders of the chair are fascinated by its minimalist flowing design idiom. Viewed from any angle, it showcases a harmonious interplay of lines that is further underlined by the special material used. Thanks to this material, Piuma is not only incredibly hard-wearing, but also suitable for flexible use including in outdoor areas. An unusual material mix and a specially developed injection moulding process thus have led to a congenially designed, state-of-the-art chair.

Statement by the jury

»This chair incorporates an extraordinary advancement as it successfully pushes boundaries. It merges as light a weight as possible with high rigidity in a remarkably innovative manner. Extremely light yet hard wearing, Piuma is highly flexible and comfortable in use. Based on innovations in material and manufacturing process, it convinces with an appealing shape. Embodying a classic form, its design has emerged as a contemporary reinterpretation for the ambit of everyday use.«

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Red Dot Design Yearbook 2017/2018