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MicroPro Series Grill

Microwave Grill Pan and Cookware


Tupperware Belgium N.V., Aalst, Belgium

Red Dot: Best of the Best

New possibilities

Modern microwave ovens allow dishes to be prepared in an uncomplicated and timesaving manner. The design of the MicroPro Grill provides many new possibilities for this by merging a variety of different cooking methods into one product. It grills meat, fish, vegetables or even sandwiches. It can even prepare casseroles and gratins, as well as bake cakes. The function of this highly useful cooking and grilling device is based on its sophisticated construction. It features susceptors that convert microwave energy into heat in order to cook food inside the device. Both the stainless steel cover and base are heated by these encased susceptors so that food is grilled evenly from both the top and bottom. Another well-thought-out detail is the surrounding channel in the base that collects excess fats. An Eterna non-stick coating inside the base and inner cover surface prevents food adhesion. The cover handles with silicone coating make the device easy to hold or transport, even with oven gloves. Silicone feet elevate the device from the microwave base in order for microwaves to reach and heat the bottom susceptors. Two pictograms on the top of the cover indicate the correct positioning of the cover for either grilling or cooking and baking. With its innovative design, the MicroPro Grill offers novel possibilities – it takes cooking with microwave ovens an entirely new direction.

Statement by the jury

»The MicroPro Grill incorporates a fascinating alternative. It provides a new approach towards cooking with a microwave, while saving both time and energy. The device offers ease of use and effortlessness for preparing many kinds of dishes. Its sophisticated functionality has merged with an appealing design language, making the MicroPro Grill suitable for use on the dining table. The materials used, silicone and stainless steel, are functional and durable.«

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This product can be found in the
Red Dot Design Yearbook 2017/2018