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Glimm Smart Bag 1.0

Bag with Smartphone Accessory


Kolon, Couronne, Seoul, South Korea

In-house design

Wonsun Oh, Jeonghey Seok, Seiyoon Park, Youngjun Kang, Junghoon Park

Red Dot
Glimm Smart Bag 1.0 combines a trendy handbag with cutting-edge IT. The brand logo, which is applied to every bag, can receive signals from any smartphone that may be inside the bag via Bluetooth. It lights up blue when receiving a call. A red light indicates the receipt of a text message, and purple is used to show activity on social networking sites. In this way, users won’t miss out on any new developments even if their smartphone is switched to silent mode.

Statement by the jury

»The classic and elegant appearance of the Glimm Smart Bag 1.0 will appeal both to tech-savvy and fashionconscious users.«

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This product can be found in the
Red Dot Design Yearbook 2016/2017