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biobrush GmbH, Berlin, Germany

In-house design

Nannett Wiedemann


Bürstenmann GmbH, Stützengrün, Germany

delphin design, Berlin, Germany

Red Dot: Best of the Best

Path-breaking interpretation

Toothbrushes are a commodity product these days and have been around in their typical shape with nylon bristles since the 1930s. The aim in developing biobrush was to create a resource-saving, affordable toothbrush fit for the mass market. Its design takes into account basic expert dental aspects, including features such as a medium to small angled brush head, soft and rounded bristles as well as evenly cut bristle bushes. Following a holistic and sustainable concept, its design focuses, above all, on a simple shape. The result is a toothbrush that stands out with its monochrome colouring. Thanks to an innovative concept, it saves resources, as both the processed bioplastic material for the handle and the packaging are based on plant cellulose. The material is generated from and made of wood waste from sustainable forestry. This means that only a fraction of fossil fuel based resources are required for production, lending the toothbrush an almost negligible carbon footprint. Both the colours and the bioplastic are biodegradable, while the foil of the packaging is even garden compostable. The nylon for the bristles is made from castor oil, which is marked by outstanding hygienic attributes. By adopting a design approach of sounding out all design options, biobrush has emerged as a convincingly sustainable toothbrush with a high-quality form that fascinates with its simple elegance.

Statement by the jury

»Featuring a monochrome, purist design, the biobrush toothbrush astounds with a clear and memorable design idiom. Perfectly thought-out ergonomics make the toothbrush easy to handle, offering high convenience in daily use. As integral part of the basic design idea, the concept of comprehensive sustainability has been very well implemented. This toothbrush embodies a path-breaking concept, conveying a strong sense of orientation for future designs.«

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This product can be found in the
Red Dot Design Yearbook 2017/2018