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Zentrix Shower Drainage Line


Dallmer GmbH + Co. KG, Arnsberg, Germany

In-house design

Johannes Dallmer, Arnsberg, Germany

Red Dot: Best of the Best
Flush aesthetics
Excavations on an antique Greek site uncovered room walls with skilful decorative paintings and several holes which, in combination with a complex water guidance system, might have served as a shower system with a steady flow of water. Since in our times too showers are still often little more than a small, separated compartment within the bathroom, the shower design is currently undergoing a more than obvious change in aesthetics. The shower is no longer conceived of as a wet cell, but has become an inherent part of an integrative approach to bathroom design – showering is thus defined more and more by level-access designs that do without shower trays. A constellation that requires all details to be well thought out, above all because the flows of water have to reliably drain off in order not to flood the entire bathroom. The Zentrix shower drainage line features an innovative language of form to meet the current trend towards level-access showers. The drain body is installed into the bathroom floor and flush with it. The only visible element is an elegant cover plate in brushed stainless steel with a slot in the middle to drain off the water. Through a plain language of forms as well as its reliable draining technology, this product line thus lends the shower drainage a new aesthetics: the housing nests an effective drain body made of plastic that can quickly cope with large amounts of water. With its clear design, the Zentrix drainage easily blends into contemporary architecture and offers manifold possibilities for the planning and implementation of level-access showering – through a new type of “sculpture in drainage technology”.

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