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13” MacBook Pro


Apple, Inc., USA

In-house design

Apple, Inc., USA

Red Dot
Made from a single block of aluminium, the precision unibody housing of the 13” MacBook Pro lends the notebook its elegant appearance. This method of production has also allowed for a thin, lightweight design, while at the same time ensuring stability and durability. The special battery with an extended lifespan, up to 40 per cent longer than customary, can be recharged nearly 1,000 times. The notebook has an LED-backlit display that requires less space within the housing top, thus lending the top a correspondingly slim design. Furthermore, the display develops its full brightness immediately upon being switched on. It is also covered with glass from edge to edge, which lends structure to the LED screen behind. The glass multi-touch trackpad has been given the functionality of a key, providing the user with greater freedom of finger operation.

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