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Design Radiator


Studio Massaud (Jean-Marie Massaud), France

Red Dot: Best of the Best

Interactive warmth

Radiators are mostly banished to the nooks and crannies of rooms. They are regarded as purely functional elements of a heating system and are never noticed. Blow turns the radiator into a fascinating piece of sculpture, proudly on display in a room. Visible to everybody, it becomes like a covetable work of art, fixed prominently to the wall. Blow’s designer Jean-Marie Massaud was inspired by ocean waves. The form and surface decoration grew out of the idea of producing a vertical “water container”. This container was meant to depict the movement of the waves without needing the usual contours of a radiator. The result is a stainless steel radiator whose surface gives rise to an astonishing wave effect. Distorted 3D images of the items in the room create an unreal world. The design of Blow is also expression of a symbolic approach: a small wave hints at the thermal exchange and gives the surfaces a greater emotional and sensory quality. In the reflected image, the object produces a new source of light and enlivens the room it is in with an abstract perspective. Blow is made of two connected metal plates which help to keep the water at a constant temperature. As such, this sculptural radiator offers a highly efficient source of heat.

Statement by the jury

»Blow is an innovative architectural element. Here, the radiator is defined as a subtle, interactive sculpture. This concept breaks the observer’s habits. It imparts a complex message.«

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