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Guangzhou Jinyi Cinemas



Guangzhou Jinyi Film & Television Media Co., Ltd., Guangzhou, China

Red Dot
A meteor is only visible for a short while, just like a film that only offers fleeting pleasure compared to the time it takes to produce it. To remind visitors of this, they are greeted by a large meteor shower in the lobby of this cinema. Long cuboids stretch out in two directions from the ceiling to create a vibrant atmosphere. The corners are slanted to produce an illusion of speed. This design element is repeated on the signage. The meteor theme is used throughout the cinema including the corridors where stones seem to be growing out of the floor.

Statement by the jury

»The expressive design of this cinema uses meteors as a metaphor and presents variations on this key theme creatively, stunningly and with loving attention to detail.«

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This product can be found in the
Red Dot Design Yearbook 2017/2018