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Mobile Health Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter


AUG Hangzhou Industrial Design Company Ying Gao, Xiaofeng Xu, Weihua Chai, Kai Feng, Wei Zhang, Jinjin Zhang, Hualang Zhong, Hangzhou, China

Red Dot
The Mobile Health Oximeter determines the pulse rate and the blood oxygen saturation. It is particularly small and lightweight and thus especially suitable for mobile monitoring. To make a measurement, a finger is placed in the bracket-like clip and illuminated by light from a sensor. Instead of featuring a built-in display, the measurement data are displayed on a smartphone. Bluetooth connectivity ensures ease of use and enables the storage of large amounts of data.

Statement by the jury

»With its seamless, minimalist design and soft colours, the Mobile Health Oximeter fosters trust and a discreet sense of reserve.«

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This product can be found in the
Red Dot Design Yearbook 2016/2017