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Air Purifier


Haier Group, Qingdao, China

In-house design

Haier Innovation Design Center (Dai Nanhai, Zhou Shu, Fei Zhaojun, Feng Zhiqun, Zhao Tianyu)

Red Dot: Best of the Best

Fresh air

Air purifiers are an important element in interiors as they can make a valuable contribution to the health and well-being of people. The design of the S-BOX air purifier has emerged with a novel and appealing shape for this type of device. It catches the eye at first glance with its rounded edges and wooden base. This lends the unit an appearance of a 1950s piece of furniture, an impression that is further enhanced by the use of a fresh colour scheme. The wooden base is highly functional as it can be easily assembled and transformed into three different versions, allowing the purifier to meet different operating conditions. A special innovative aspect is that the fan part can be taken off and put into a vacuum cleaner as its own fan. Equipped with a click-joint design, this allows users to easily change the filter and replace it with any other filter matching the 300 mm x 300 mm size. When in use, the air purifier takes air in from the top and blows it out from the bottom. In this way, all dirt on the floor is blown into the air and can be completely purified. Another useful feature is that the unit features a battery and thus can be operated anywhere without any cables that could get tangled up. Incorporating a new interpretation, this air purifier has turned into a highly functional as well as stylish device for the home environment, an item that users can always enjoy looking at.

Statement by the jury

»The S-BOX air purifier literally delivers a fresh breeze to almost any interior. Showcasing a homely and friendly design appearance, it appeals to the senses. Its consistent functionality is impressive and has made it emerge as a highly user-friendly unit for a variety of uses. Uncomplicated to operate, it also offers the possibility to easily change the filters. This air purifier is an expression of a bold, future-oriented design.«

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This product can be found in the
Red Dot Design Yearbook 2017/2018