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Innovative Transport and Loading System


HOERBIGER Automotive Komfortsysteme GmbH, Schongau, Germany


Design Tech, Ammerbuch, Germany

Red Dot: Best of the Best

New approach

In many areas, heavy materials or components need to be loaded and unloaded with great effort to transport them to the right location. xetto was designed against the backdrop that this process traditionally requires several pieces of equipment such as a forklift and pallet truck. Implementing an innovative concept, this system reduces this to one piece of equipment. It only takes one person a few simple steps to load the transport and loading system along with the items being hauled – without exertion. The key component is a powerful system of microhydraulics and kinematics. The newly developed hydraulic unit makes high power density possible. The scissor system, electrical system and energy storage device have room in the smallest of spaces. To keep the system safely in place, it features a solid floor unit, which can be stored in the chassis for horizontal movements. In an impressive manner, lifting to a height of 80 cm takes only 20 seconds. The innovative principle also allows a variety of application variants for trade, business and industry. Following a fundamentally new approach, the design of xetto improves working conditions. The system eliminates the need for transhipping, which saves time and manpower, and it reduces the risk of accidents.

Statement by the jury

»The innovative transport and loading system xetto impresses with a design that has found a clever way to simplify the difficult task of the handling of heavy loads. The system’s innovative, ergonomically well thought-out concept is an expression of user-oriented thinking. The system combines efficiency with a new kind of safety. Its design has been precisely adapted to the demands of users working with it on construction sites.«

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This product can be found in the
Red Dot Design Yearbook 2017/2018