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Polisport Foldable Lift Bike Stand

Motorcycle Stand


Polisport Plásticos SA, Carregosa, Portugal

In-house design

Polisport Plásticos SA

Red Dot: Best of the Best

Functional stability

Motorcycles need regular service and, depending on the weather, need to be stored in winter. The motorcycle stand by Polisport perfectly fulfils the requirements entailed by this. It fascinates with a captivating functionality that brings together a lift function with a completely foldable design. Its innovative design is based on a hybrid construction consisting largely of a strong and resistant plastic compound and an interior that is fully reinforced with a metal frame, making the stand handle up to 200 kg. Folding up the stand is self-explanatory and saves a lot of space at home or during transportation. Thanks to the ergonomically shaped foot pedal, it enables users to elevate their motorcycle all by themselves with minimal effort. This is made possible by the fact that the hybrid structure of the stand is considerably lighter than conventional metal constructions. The top of the stand is coated with a rubber-like composite for the best possible grip to the bike’s frame. By fundamentally scrutinising the principle of a motorcycle stand, this stand has emerged as an entirely novel representative of this kind of product. The motorcycle stand by Polisport fascinates motorcyclists with its uncomplicated and perfectly adapted functionality and ergonomic quality.

Statement by the jury

»The foldable motorcycle stand by Polisport showcases a thoroughly outstanding design. It impresses with both its form and its special material composition. The design combines the materials of metal and plastic in an innovative manner. Its high functionality is accompanied by sophisticated ergonomics. Thanks to its light weight, it is also easy to transport. Moreover, it is easy to clean, as well as highly stable and space-saving.«

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Red Dot Design Yearbook 2017/2018