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Dell Canvas 27

Interactive Computer Work Surface


Dell Inc., Round Rock, Texas, USA

In-house design

Experience Design Group

Red Dot: Best of the Best

Form for creativity

Today, both creative work and creative interactive exchange between people heavily rely on computers. This offers the advantage that the results can easily be integrated into existing work processes. By questioning the principles underlying these media, the design of the Dell Canvas 27 has emerged as a strikingly new version of a digital workspace. The work surface features the innovation of a horizontal layout that complements the users’ vertical view surfaces and thus offers innovative ease of use. The 27” touchscreen provides creative users with a lot of space for drawing. In the initial position, the Dell Canvas rests almost flat on the desktop, while its fold-out stand gives it a ten-degree incline. The innovation of this interactive computer work surface is also due to the fact that the display and input media merge into one formal as well as functional unit. This allows seamless navigation across two planes by touch, pen, mouse or dial and knob totem. The Dell Canvas also inspires with a sleek-looking design idiom. Thanks to its flat design, it allows users from a wide range of fields to interact with their systems in a multidimensional environment. Promoting fascinating new possibilities for interactive work with a computer desktop, the Dell Canvas 27 has emerged to embody an outstanding mediator of creativity.

Statement by the jury

»The Dell Canvas 27 impresses with its integrated concept, which opens up new possibilities for communication and visualisation. Following a consistent, user-oriented design, it has emerged as an innovative tool for designers and engineers. It allows them to intuitively make use of the different operating modes, including the conveniently designed rotary knobs. Reduced to the essential, the Dell Canvas has been carefully crafted to support creative, interactive work.«

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This product can be found in the
Red Dot Design Yearbook 2017/2018