PR measures

Red Dot public relations work
On 9 April 2018, the Red Dot communications department will distribute an international press release on the main results of the competition that will receive major media attention. In addition, journalists from all around the world will receive information and pictures of award-winning products from their subject areas throughout the year. Individual media requests regarding the award winners will be answered directly and in an uncomplicated way. The Red Dot channels keep tens of thousands of companies, designers and design fans up to date.

Winners communicate their successes
Additionally, winners can send out a press release regarding their successes: In March, a template will be available for download on, which laureates can adapt to their product or corporate identity. Laureates are of course free to use their own press texts and layouts.

Media partnerships
High-quality media partnerships enhance press relations work: At international level, we work closely with Design42Day, Yanko Design, the EK Magazine, Design Wanted, SalaBaño and the Indesign Media Group among others. Our German media partner H.O.M.E. guarantees exciting publications, while the WirtschaftsWoche and the F.A.Z. Magazin offer winners editorial services as well as reduced-rate advertisements (see for more information).