Red Dot 21 – the desgin portal for manufacturers, designers, design studios, publishers and consumers

Red Dot 21 is the online portal for excellent design 21st-century design. It showcases contemporary design in all of its nuances: products, campaigns and design concepts alike, along with their designers and manufacturers.

The aim of Red Dot 21 is to offer people interested in design a possibility to find out about innovations, design products and the latest design trends quickly and comprehensively, regardless of whether they are professionals or non-professionals. Red Dot 21 also aims to bring consumers interested in design and manufacturers of design products together:


Potential buyers can first get an overview of the different design products in a category. If they are interested in a product, they can access further information on the product.

Products submitted for the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018 are automatically published on Red Dot 21 provided that consent was given to this type of presentation when registering.

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