The winner label

Awarding a product with the Red Dot always marks the beginning of a whole range of PR and marketing measures. Red Dot’s activities are flanked by the multifaceted media and advertising activities of the prize winners, who use the famous Red Dot prominently as a seal of quality – an advantage reserved exclusively for competition winners. Thanks to its striking appearance alone, using the internationally recognised and wellrespected label generates the most attention possible for any product bearing the Red Dot seal.



Whether it is used as a stamp on the packaging or in high-quality advertising campaigns – a high level of recognition is guaranteed! We encounter the Red Dot in TV adverts and on websites as well as in trade magazines, product brochures and catalogues. Because of its international reputation, the renowned Red Dot label contributes to raising the level of awareness of a product immensely and ensuring that a brand is associated with excellent design quality in the long term.