Nikon 1 Digital Camera
Design: Nikon 1 Design Team, Japan
Manufacturer: Nikon Corporation, Japan

Special: red dot best practice

Niko 1 Design Team, Japan

While manufacturers and designers around the world are being invited to register their works for the “red dot award: product design 2013”, we are presenting you with a selection of the award-winning works from last year’s competition in this special publication.

In 2012, the Nikon 1 Design Team received the “red dot: best of the best” for the outstanding design of the digital camera “Nikon 1”.

“Its compact shape makes the Nikon 1 a supremely comfortable camera to use. These cameras pave the way for the future of photography. Intelligent technology is combined with meticulously developed details and a clear interface. The entire concept conveys a professional character”, stated the renowned experts of the red dot jury.


A click to the future

The Nikon camera has a reputation for exceptional quality dating back to 1948. As it is also extremely easy to use, it rapidly became the camera of choice for photographers and journalists around the world. The design of Nikon 1 continues this tradition, but opens up completely new vistas for the future of photography.

The carefully thought out Nikon 1 concept focuses on the V1 and J1 cameras whose lenses can easily be interchanged thanks to an innovative changing system. These cameras are compact in size. They are perfectly balanced for the photographer’s hands. All controls are easily accessible and the use of the innovative technologies this camera offers is logical. Ultra-sensitive CMOS sensors, a hybrid AF function, as well as intelligent recording modes create the right conditions for a new quality of photos and film sequences.

The “moving snapshot” function offers additional, innovative possibilities. This combination of single and fully-HD slow motion frames makes it possible to take photos of enhanced quality. In addition, a “Smart Photo Selector” automatically selects the best images from a succession of temporarily stored pictures. The ability of these cameras to “work” with light is also amazing. The Nikon 1 can manipulate available light to ensure optimal photo quality. As a result they are effective and reliable even under very poor light conditions.

red dot: How would you define the term quality?
Nikon 1 Design Team: In terms of value for money, whether quality has been expressed to a higher degree than in previous models.

Which developments have a particularly strong influence on the design of today?
The environment surrounding global manufacturing.

What are the greatest challenges that you currently see in your branch of industry?
The greatest challenges today are high added value, lower costs and fast product development and manufacturing.