Roland Heiler, Managing Director Porsche Design Studio

Porsche Design P’1140 Blazer RawTec Lederblazer

In-house Design: Roland Heiler, Deutschland
Hersteller: Porsche Design, Deutschland

Special: red dot best practice

Roland Heiler, Germany

While manufacturers and designers around the world are being invited to register their works for the “red dot award: product design 2013”, we are presenting you with a selection of the award-winning works from last year’s competition in this special publication.

In 2012, Roland Heiler received the “red dot: best of the best” for the outstanding design of the leather blazer “Porsche Design P’1140 Blazer RawTec”.

“The superlight Porsche Design P’1140 Blazer RawTec leather blazers are an innovative merging of two elements into a unity. They envision new directions in producing this kind of garment. The cut, material as well as the design embody a perfect solution”, stated the renowned experts of the red dot jury.


Skin to skin

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live.” This is how French fashion designer Coco Chanel described her own creations and their intended appearance of timeless elegance. The P’1140 RawTec blazers embody the maxims of Porsche Design in their purist design lines. These blazers are created for both the male and female target group and fascinate through their fit as well as the quality of the leather that is smooth to the touch.

To both wearers and beholders they convey a vivid appearance and express an assured sense of style. The characteristics of the RawTec blazers are based on innovative manufacturing techniques. Through the use of full-grain lamb leather, which has been coated on the inside, the leather jackets do completely without lining, yet always retain their shape. This approach in workmanship also makes them light and adapt smoothly to the body of the wearer.

Moreover, the RawTec blazers are also the outcome of unusual crafting, which places great importance on detail and which comes without any duplication of materials: the leather was put edge-to-edge, sewed by zigzag stitching and finally fused with tape. The harmonious merging of traditional workmanship with innovative production technology thus created a new type of jacket.

red dot: How would you define the term design quality?
Roland Heiler: Design should be able to withstand fashion trends. Yet developing longlasting products also requires meeting the highest demands for quality.

Which current trends have a particularly strong influence on design?
There is a need to re-imbue things with meaning. Content and authenticity are called for, not just a beautiful appearance.

Is there a motive that is of significance to your work?
Trends may come and go, but good design remains. Our products therefore do without decorative frills, are always authentic and embody their own kind of luxury: ›engineered luxury‹.